PT. Jeska Pertala Internasional (JPI)

PT. Jeska Pertala International was established by experienced personnel and professionals with a goal to provide  competitive Integrated Management Services in  drilling, well repair operation  for  petroleum, geothermal and non conventional oil and gas .


To be among  the world’s leading energy services company in conventional, non-conventional, and re-newable drilling and development


To provide technical services for drilling and development of oil & gas, coal bed methane, geothermal that apply a wise planning and  proper implementation of program and related services, using the appropriate technology, skilled human resources and in the conduct of its activities  takes into account the aspiration of local community and to synergize  the local resources as part of commitment to CSR policy.


To design oil/gas well drilling programs that meet the conditions  of safe and cost effective and to select the right drilling equipments and the crew that will assure achieving that conditions.

To  provide  Technical Personnel who will do  services in Drilling Engineering, Mud Engineering , Well  Repair, Work Over & Completion, Well Abandonment, Wire Line & Logging , Logging Interpretation, Anti-Corrosion and De-Scalling , Rig Repair and Maintenance Services, etc.

That include  Man Power Supply  Recruitment,  Trainings, HSE, Medical Support Services, Logistic & Supplies Operation,  Site & Ground Maintenance,.

Our Clients

1. Management Advisor to PT. Putindo Bintech for Drilling EK-1 in Buton,  Southeast Sulawesi 2012 -2013

2. Management Advisor to PT. Andam for setting up a yard office and      personnel and associated equipment for drilling operation 2014

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