PT. Jeska Mitra Energi

PT. JESKA MITRA ENERGI is providing management advises to companies interested in oil & gas, geothermal, and minerals mining.


To be a leading and trustable company as management advisors to oil & gas, geothermal, and mineral mining companies.


To provide management advises that promote economical, efficient, ethical, safe and environmentaly friendly operation in Indonesia.


Promises delivered

Our Clients

1. PT. Patrindo (Oil & Gas)
2. PT. Sumatera Persada Energi (Oil & Gas)
3. PT. Indo Multi Niaga (Gold)
4. PT. Rims Karapan Block (Oil & Gas)
5. PT. Aman Resource Indonesia (Oil & Gas)
6. PT. Pandu Mining (Gold)
7. PT. Persada Energi Nusantara (Oil & Gas)
8. PT. Sojitz Indonesia (Coal)
9. PT. Optima Nusantara Energi (Geothermal)

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