PT. Indonesia Bentonite

The company is engaging  in mining,  processing and marketing of bentonite mineral,   to satisfy the market needs for making  mud for oil and gas well’s drilling fluid, for plugging water intrusion in ground civil construction, to make form or mold in metal foundry, and as binding materials for fertilizers .


PT.Indobent  was established in Jakarta on August 9, 1985 by owning a 49.4 hectares bentonite mining permit with an estimated 300,000 ton bentonite reserves and a  processing plant having a capacity of 10, 000 ton per year.

The mining area and the plant are located in the hamlet of Klepu, Punung Village, District Punung, Pacitan, East Java  and first  production of drilling bentonite was in 1988.

The management of PT. Indobent and Sales Office  are located  in Jakarta.

The JESKA  Group took over ownership of the company in 2006, then was known as PT Indobent Wijaya Mineral,  and conducted an extensive overhaul of the plant’s equipment ,  converting from diesel oil fired to coal (for heating purposes)  and purchase electric power from PLN rather than in house electric power generation, re instituted the personal training program, and upgrade  safety and environment standards.

A recent improvement was made to raise the plant capacity to 15,000 ton per year, capable to produce  at 1000 ton per day, when necessary.

Future plan is to introduce new products such as bentonite for animal foods, paper making, bleaching for palm oil and lubricating oil, and others.


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List Of  Product


PT. Petrokimia Gresik (Bentonite Fertilizer)
PT. Bakrie Auto Part (Bentonite Foundry)
PT. Scuda (Bentonite Fertilizer & Drilling Mud)
PT. Sojitz Indonesia (Bentonite Foundry)
PT. BUMM (Bentonite Foundry)
PT. Pasifik K.S. (Bentonite Horizontal Directional Drilling)
PT. Prikast Metal Indonesia (Bentonite Foundry)
PT. Royal Krane (Bentonite Drilling Mud & Bentonite Civil Engineering)
PT. Harmoni Karya internasional (Bentonite Cosmetic & Bentonite Foundry)
PT. Mineral Nusa Persada ( Bentonite Drilling Mud & Bentonite Horizontal Directional Drilling )
PT. Damasis Sejahtera (Bentonite Absorbent)
CV. Humitrap (Bentonite Absorbent)
PT. Enka (Bentonite Foundry)

Note :
Under Testing:
1. Bentonite Bleaching
2. Bentonite Iron Pelletizing

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