JESKA Group is a group of Indonesian companies headed by PT. JESKA MITRA ENERGI is dedicated in the promotion of energy resources development including renewables, bentonite, limestone and gold mining and promotion of health and recreationals, trading of new technology products including chemicals. 

The Group is run by individuals with internationally recognized technical and managerial expertise and competency, and have the necessary networks capable to plan, operate, maintain and develop potential business opportunities in the upstream sector of the energy industry in Indonesia.


The Group has several business lines to promote state-of -the -arts water purification and corrosion inhibitor system, medical health care for employees/workers and involves in energy saving projects.

JESKA Group believes in a wide open policy to international synergy aimed at large and full scale operations of business investment, establishment and development in both the upstream and downstream business of the oil and gas industry and other form of energy development efforts in Indonesia and beyond. With the ever increasing demand for energy resources to fuel the industrial and economic growth thus ensuring the uplift of the welfare and livelihood of the people and the need to continually preserve the environment, JESKA aims to take part in these potential business whenever the opportunity arises.

The keys to success in oil & gas upstream and in energy sectors, are being strong and balanced in strategy, resources, technology, finance and logistics. Every task in it must be carried out with utmost quality in leadership, initiative, organized and network.


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